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Friday, November 30, 2012

Introduction of Gentleman‘s Hat

Speaking of gentleman hat,a accessory most people hate and love, it looks elegant and beautiful hate is that it is so eye-catching and so many the sportsman gentleman "prohibitive" afraid of wearing the wrong clothes ,taking wrong shoes to spoil the head top workmanship, expensive hat. Today for you analyzed how to make good use of this good-looking hat top!

Gentleman hat In fact, as early as in the 17th century in Western capitalist countries became popular. With the constant innovation of the man`s fashion trends, formerly used to display social class ,hat gradually developed into one of the modern menswear essential accessories.

We usually say that the gentleman hat is composed of four parts: 1. Hats crown; 2. Brim; 3. Hatband; sweatband (wrapped around the inside of the cap crown, the forehead part in contact directly with the hat)

To correct wearing gentleman cap, the first is to make clear its material and season with. General autumn and winter is recommended to choose a dark wool hat, not only warm but also the most substantially paste together our fall and winter seasons used to wear dark clothing; spring and summer hat basically just play a decorative role, this permeability when material is extremely important, and are a good choice of woven straw hat or other good permeability material, light-colored hat most likely to create a Mediterranean-style resort Fan children

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shirts For Men

dress shirt,shirt

Men should have the dress shirt. Shirts reflect the taste and self-cultivation. every man's wardrobe should have at least a clean white shirts, many men only have to wipe single color. Fortunately, this spring and summer men's fashion wardrobe for men out develops a new color red, so you can properly consider adding a red shirt. "For business people, also need to take into account the types of jackets wearing the shirt. Jackets quality arena will." Hosiery trends this year, a lot of people like casual shirts and then sets out a sweater, of course, they can also be worn alone. "

dress shirt,shirt

For men, a shirt is enough to cope with a variety of occasions, can select materials and styles with personal preferences, you can also be with each other, it will not only save time and effort, but also help you to create dazzling, stylish look.
Custom seems more luxurious things in the eyes of ordinary people, most men think it could be all right that apparels are clean and decent on line, In fact, in the pursuit of personalized clothing, men should more pay attention to the details, especially for the men to said, not like a woman's clothes so Creepy changes in the final analysis or suit with the eternal.
dress shirt,shirt

So, how to go to the pursuit of perfection, only customized. Custom shirt can completely belong to you personally, instead of allowing themselves to lose weight or fitness come meet your clothing, so why not let the clothes fit your own. Carry comfortable shirt to wear to filling your personal taste.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How To Select Prom Dress

The tall slender can wear any style. The petite persons should avoid skirt, choose the simple line style is appropriate, preferably A-LINEA or high waist design dresses elongate leg lines.The body plump people should wear a low-cut or halter style show bosomy advantages, but also lengthen the neck line. In addition, you can try a long-sleeved dress, or plus shawls to cover up will be a little thicker arm.The slender body, upper body wear package a little style the lower body selectable skirt style, Thin Man arms skeleton smaller, it is best to choose a long-sleeved or Puff sleeve design, if you do not like this type of dress, it is recommended that you wear gloves as decoration, not too thin to make the whole look.Long neck: high collar your patent, and it is special for you, as long as you choose a high collar to avoid the V-shaped, U-type or low shoulder strap dress, do not choose fine fine a necklace.

men in suits,man suit
The key you need to maintain a sense of balance between the hair and the neckline lower hairstyle is more suitable for you. A relatively short neck of the bride: V-neck and U collar, collar is your best choice, round collar can also show the part of the neck line, but if you are a large face, then you can may round plus round, short, and know-how to deal with the double chin - and more exposed to little package on the right.
 men in suits,man suit
 Hair comb high of course, is your good choice, if you do not like it, and want to lay down their hair, and that may have to be clear catch the hierarchy, dazzling jewelry is also transferred to the sight of a good way Oh. With double chin bride: the choice of the collar on, as long as you grasp a key point is not to package a little more exposed, complex and too high collar will be your partner's bad, but mostly decorated shoulder pads and shoulder Ministry inlaid will make your chin more obvious. Strive a simple hairstyle, accessories, try not to be too complex, sophisticated but not complicated car embroidered, so shift our attention. Satin dress chic wide fine with Japan, neat is not wordy,  sequins on the outer smock pattern, and form a light air like dancing.
men in suits,man suit
In addition to outside the body, face shape is one of the element as a reference to select the men suit, round face or neck can select off the shoulder, low-cut or V-neck style square face people can try the V-shaped or peach heart has style, you should avoid the square collar design; inverted triangle face and peach heart has not designed with selectable ship or large round neck style; For cute duck face far more fortunate, there is no particular restriction.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to Select A Custom Suit

custom suit,man suit
What the man suit can truly was rated as good suits? This is a topic that often lingers in the minds of consumers.

In accordance with the international standards and trends analysis, a good suit is the style of the times, stiff and soft, exquisite workmanship and fine fabrics and accessories, and perfect combination of the three. So, how to identify it?
First of all, from the outside, giving a stretch, soft, three-dimensional effect. Secondly, the touch, soft, smooth, there is a certain tension.
custom suit,man suit
Again, wearing comfortable, not tight imprison sense, good drape, no extra folds. Collar flat surface, barge head symmetric fit perfectly, rotator cuff seams stretch natural predecessor back crisp equatorial.
A good suit, cut out the shape of the line should be smooth all the quite material properties of the accessories and fabrics with harmonious work to be elegant fine. Suit within the structure are fiber sewing machine used, NA machine washing, will combine the internal parts of the fiber line opened, resulting in accessories and fabrics separately, pull off the yarn of the fabric of the deformed, broken phenomenon.
custom suit,man suit
With the improvement of living standards, everyone has two or three suits, we will wear the 2-3 days of clothes hanging up, the wrinkles will gradually disappear or easily, as well as our every day before going to bed, clothes hanger hang up will reduce the surface of the folds of the clothes, and not easily deformed. Clothes washing preferably 3-4 months cleaning better, no damage to the fabric knife. Cleaning too wash, the fabric is not too good, if the clothes wearing a very short time, the surface and do not have a lot of dust in the clear dust with a damp towel Iron Light ironing the dust adhesion with the washing in the towel.
One suit should not be continuous wear long suit to wear due to local stress and deformation, through the period of time to be hoisted up and remove the items in the pocket, the fabric restitution. Commonly used soft brush to eliminate dust adsorbed on clothing, cleaning Hosawa.
The washing of the custom suit is very particular about the first can not be washed frequently, if it needs to be washed, the suit must be sent to the dry cleaners, dry cleaning of a high standard. Save on wardrobe, the pockets should be placed in pesticides, put the cover bag, and can often be ventilated, should also be careful to store it in a lower temperature.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Men‘s Wearing Rules in Social Occasions

man suit,men suits

In important meetings and talks with solemn ceremony and formal dinner occasions, men generally wear man suit. A complete suit includes jacket, trousers, shirt, tie, belt, socks and shoes.
(1)jacket: Length should be just to the hips lower edge or almost hand thumb tip position drooping naturally, Shoulder stuck about 2 cm shoulder angle is appropriate Sleeve to palm the jaws of death at. Bust fastened with buttons, clothes and abdomen can only put the appropriate size of a fist.
(2) pants: pants line must be clear and straight ,trousers cover uppers center
(3) shirt: long-sleeved shirt with my suit is the only choice, color should be preferably white or light blue. The collar should be stiff; the shirt hem fortress in a good collar button waistband and cuffs; collar and cuffs of the shirt collar and cuffs longer than the suit jacket 1 cm -2 cm; collar and cuffs of the shirt inside the underwear can not be exposed. If the suit itself is striped with a solid color shirt, if the suit is a solid color shirt with simple stripes or patterns.
man suit,men suits
(4) tie: tie patterned with geometric patterns or solid color is appropriate. Tie bow tie to be full, consistent with the shirt collar matters; tie length to fasten the arrow down to his belt buckle prevail.
(5) belt: material appropriate to leather belt buckle should moderate size, color, preferably black, styles and patterns should not be exaggerated. For larger waist circumference of men, could be replaced by the suspenders to hold the pants.
man suit,men suits
(6) socks: socks should choose dark, avoid black shoes with white socks. Socks should be appropriately high, sit down and not expose the skin 
(7) shoes: style is simple, neat, smooth and glossy uppers pattern. If it is a dark blue or black suit with black shoes, brown line custom suit, you can wear brown shoes. Embossed, mixed colors, snakeskin, crocodile skin and profiled shoes, not suitable with formal suit.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cocktail Common Knowledge

Cocktail parties are a relatively easy and free cocktail reception .Guests to attend the meeting in dress do not pay attention to the men suits too much.
custom suits,men suits

If it is lunch time for the cocktail party, time is mainly from12 pm to 13:45 pm. Business pre-dinner cocktail party starts earlier,which usually from 11:30 to 12:30 or 13:00 the end. If it is evening held, usually 18:00 or 6:30 to 7:30 or 8:00. Guests can have limits of 30 minutes late, and then the later show less respect for the host
If this is a small cocktail party, the owner can call in one or two weeks before invited guests. The grand reception invitations should be prepared in two weeks in advance.
Only with the hostess nominal (such as a certain Mrs., Miss) issued formal invitations, but the recent young couples like the names of two people together printed on the invitations. Sometimes in the form of the letter will look much more favorably.
At cocktail parties, unless very small, and otherwise, are standing, but should also be some chairs for older guests.
Guests can be as long as 30 minutes late, so there must be someone to pay attention to the door. Larger receptions, the host and hostess are the division of labor; man of the house to take care of the supply of drinks, welcomed the guests and they placed clothing, the hostess is to welcome visitors to stay in the venue, and they socialize greeting.
Some cocktail party as held a long time, you do not have to another preparatory room for female guests to store their clothing.
custom suits,men suits
Numerous occasions in the guests, the hostess should always pay attention to the front door, to see whether the guests arrive, stepped forward to welcome them and introduce them to the friends they might like to get to know. Cocktail party the main purpose is to allow guests to and from between, as close as possible and get to know others, but this is not to say that the host and hostess to another person to talk about being enthusiastically guests.
As for the guests, they should not rely on the owner to introduce them to each other, but should be walking around the venue, at the same time to introduce themselves or for other friends introduced. Such as a group of friends are talking, one of whom later joined the people who know him should automatically put him introduced to other people who do not know, and then continue to their topic.
Guests to leave halfway get the man of the house in the crowd to find out, to bid him farewell. If the owner is busy, do not have to expect they can withdraw out to see a visitor.
custom suits,men suits
There are several kinds of wine, about wine, the main should be prepared by guests to choose from. If you do not want to spend too much, only two-three wines, and at the same time do not forget to keep separate the three kinds of drinks to people who do not drink to drink.
Ordinary cocktail party generally prepare three glasses of wine for each person. In some special occasions on the finest champagne cocktails.
The cocktail party should prepare some refreshments,. For the sake of the fresh sake, nuts, crisp potato chips in pre moment furnishings, but the other shall be ready in a few hours ago. Ordinary food, including a variety of sandwiches, hot sausage, biscuits. Sometimes placed some Chinese dim sum.
Guest can freely select their desirable food, but pay attention to gobble like very rude.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Washing Method of Ties

tie,men ties
1. Washing way:
Tie fabric lining materials washed very volatile wrinkles, but is also easy to destroy the the tie surface gloss, for ties, the whole must not be washed into the water, preferably dry cleaning. The tie knotted easy stained with dirt, can be placed in the bowl filled with gasoline rub or brush. Dirt, scrub with a cloth dipped in gasoline.
2. Washing raw:
As high purity alcohol or No. 120 colorless solvent gasoline, dry cleaning, washing raw materials.
tie,men ties
3. Washing:
Silk neckties soak for about ten minutes or so; prickly stick smooth without tapping tie dirty at, such as tie smudges area is too large, you can gently rub; clean water leaching net hangers hang. After solvent evaporation, if still tie above there are a large number of stains, scrub gently with a soft brush dipped in water.
4. Ironing:
Ironing with cardboard cut tie-shaped tie-shaped or with a blank sheet of paper folded, stuffed tie lining part, then gently ironing on all sides to prevent iron too dead, no need to pad cloth Ming ironing, but should adopt the low and medium temperature, ironing faster, avoid yellowing and Aurora phenomenon tie slight crease tightly rolled in a clean bottle, every day wrinkles to disappear.
tie,men ties
6. Storage:
The tie can not be in the sun exposure, to prevent yellowing Walking color. The store men ties to keep dry, do not put mothballs moth. In the collection, it is best to first ironing in order to achieve the purpose of of insecticidal sterilization moth. The tie hang best with a coat hanger cover a bag, to prevent dust.