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Friday, August 30, 2013

Costume Super 160 & Cashmere Coat

If it is found either in the English school and the Italian school, cross- cutting always gave to clothing ,cheap custom suits or coat, a dress that looks straight cut . It should traditionally be accompanied by two back slots , a figure of speech came across the Channel because it can put your hands in your pockets without breaking the line of the garment, which however is not justified here cross jacket accommodating a lot of that freedom. Here the two slots accompany the elegance of a piece that really fits perfectly and standing.
Costume Super 160
the jacket
Here we see a blue pinstripe suit navy chalk Super 160. Cutting four buttons boutonnants is crossed high enough and has two trapezoidal slots 30 cm involved a very dandy silhouette. Associated with the very slim fit , this sponsorship gives the suit one year later 40 very Cary Grant. In the same spirit , the English very high and pronounced us back to Fred Astaire and at a time when elegance was obvious . It should be emphasized here that while the English have continued to go down over time , Gerard Sene remains loyal to the British high even on its straight jackets.
Later in detail, we see a montage while free, with ruffles interlinings and armholes built by hand. The padding is minimized , just enough to keep the jacket, giving shoulders straight , but built super light . The installation of traditional sleeves here is very close fitting shirt . If the cross section has the advantage of playing with the Overlap to give to need a little comfort , Sene takes great care of his armholes , so that the garment move naturally with the body to be forgotten .
Lining, always coordinated with Sené with stripes or tone on tone pretty bright color is blue sky here . Fans can also fall under the red piping inside pockets : a gimmick house Sené refuses to run through or coarse to ensure the flexibility of the jacket , preferring a lining fabric . "It is not worth working flexibility excessive and put a yoke that will stiffen the case and make marks on the fabric ," says the person .

cashmere coat
Fallen pants is one of the highlights of the house. Gerard Sene attributes this quality to both customers who taught him to respect the buttocks and thighs : Johnny Hallyday and Julien Clerc. "They taught me how to make pants. Johhny for everything and bootcut pants size medium , and Julien who has always wanted to close down. Before them I was not paying attention my pants were always the butt of the surplus , but they occurred with short jackets because they have beautiful buttocks. We can not say how women are sensitive to the buttocks of men. Today, even when I do jeans I make sure he does beautiful buttocks . " In fact, quite fit and narrow down the pants of our double-breasted suit is very rewarding for the silhouette.

the coat
Cross too, this 100% cashmere coat (there are also wool and cashmere and a nice thick cloth navy blue ) is inspired by those worn by the Comte d' Annunzio clearly marked with the size , and also here setbacks very pronounced , 30s guy, and very high English . Length, revised upwards , draws for its part coats of characters in the film American Gangster : it is quite long and covers her knees, giving a much more enjoyable it is very curved shape . And tailor made ​​clear that President Obama himself has taken this long for existing coats .

Hands in pockets

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cheap Custom SUits

The custom suits should cover everyone's ass. In shorties or semibaixinhos, it stops right in the curve of the buttocks to the leg. In others, it may go down one more tico if necessary, always thinking about equalize leg and trunk (pants and jacket) to visually divide your body into equal sizes.

And always bet on ever single breasted jacket double, as this is a tricky kind in many ways. Indeed, one single breasted 2 button is the most democratic (and trumps pros shorties). One of 2 and 3 are considered classic options for those who want to know.

As for the pants ... they do not need a belt or suspenders to stay in place no. Have to stay in them without any help. Pants that need a help to stay in place is not for you. And it is to stay tight at the waist so little. It can and should be comfortable yes, but nothing like exaggerations requiring extra help. Just enough to fall well not retain movements and put his hand in his pockets with some grace and comfort.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hands in pockets

Studying how to reach into the pocket of the pants. This story has been blown me by a friend. I hastened to repeat at a recent wedding, which has a lot of friends in a deep question: how to put my hand in my pocket? Moreover, although the meeting is that we do not have hands in pockets, your grandmother would tell you! But good.

So little sketch with a jacket two slots:

In A, the English approach. They invented the jacket two slots, it is to use. You have to get off the slots, then insert hands by bringing the sides of the jacket. They fold, the result is clear.

In B, the French method, ie, no method. We seek the input of the pants by lifting the jacket. This is even more evident with the jackets in a slot that we love (well not me!)

And C, in Italian. Wops necessarily our friends are demonstrative. So he pushes the cheap custom suits back, which discovered the pads with beautiful lining. It is eminently conspicuous but it is less clear that the manner of Prince William. Here, the fabric wrinkle the fabric is expressed.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Large extent, small extent, half-measure garments

Certainly a bespoke suit will keep for a lifetime, and can bequeath to his children. A dinner jacket (tuxedo) in England threadbare evidence of distinction, such as wear indicates that it was probably carried by the father or the grandfather of the current holder. The same goes for shirts, so do not be surprised if you notice a collar or cuffs worn on the shirt (incidentally flattering) a British colleague.
The life of a bespoke suit makes it so much cheaper than a suit said garment (made by a machine), whose life expectancy does not exceed three or four years or a few dry cleanings.
However, beyond these considerations of profitability in the long term, it is certain that a bespoke suit is an important investment. So I can show you alternatives to largely waiting to be ready there.

It is possible to find quality costumes made at the factory for between 150 and 1000 euros. Manufacturers such as Lanvin or Smalto offer a range of ready to wear suits of good quality and durable.
I remember in this respect that the mark should not be a factor of choice in the matter. A Hugo Boss suit and Gucci is no guarantee of quality, and it would be a risky choice to spend more than 000 euros one in a suit making.
Rather choose a suit in which you are comfortable, and do not hesitate to do so by changing your finisher area. Choose the fabric carefully to avoid plastics, and make your preference wool.

Industrial half measure
Suppliers of half-measure suits, unlike the manufacture, use an existing pattern that is modified to match the measurements of the customer. This pattern is then supplied to a factory that makes a costume a few minutes. The finishes can be done by hand or machine.Prices for half-measures range between 700 and 1300 euros.
The quality of your suit will depend on the quality of your measurements taken. Have recourse to a tailor preferably with experience in large measure, it will be able to take into account significant elements only to the naked eye, like your posture and your overall appearance.
Some tailors largely also a half-measure service.
Most people claiming the name "tailor" the industrial practice actually half-measure, which is incidentally quite commendable. Mention may tailors Michael Ohnona and Kees van Beers, which provide good service in Paris half measures.
It is often said in the business, he must prefer a good suit made industrial half-cheap custom suits largely wrong.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Marriage advice that everyone should live

If you are months away from your big day, or just a few short weeks or even days, you might be looking for some quick ways to make more special, cheaper and a little less crazy. This article will help you sort through the madness and reach a happy place where your wedding can be what you intended.
Understand that religious faith will affect both what your wedding looks and your relationship in the future. Examine all aspects of your religion with which you intend to marry and their families too, just so that they are comfortable with your beliefs.
A few days before your wedding, get all the jewelry you intend to wear professionally cleaned. This will help you to shine more as you walk down the aisle, illuminating the beauty you possess. Find great jewelry cleaning and improve the quality of your stones before marriage.
One of the things that you should consider for your guests is to serve white wine instead of red like the drinks at your wedding. Most people will be wearing dresses that have light colors, so you'll want to limit the visibility of spots if they had an accident.
If you or your husband have a great voice, one of the things you can do is sing a song at your wedding. This should be a slow song you spend your future is your soul mate or someone who looks down on you at your wedding.
On the wedding day, make sure you show your parents and the parents of your husband or wife a lot of attention. This is the big day, too, because they finally get to see the child they love to marry after many years of waiting.
Involve your children in your wedding to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for everyone. Begin therefore start planning by asking them what items they would like to include in the ceremony. You can even have your older you walk down the aisle and give you their new step-parent.
Consider an exotic location for your wedding to make it even more fun and memorable! You can hold your ceremony on a ranch and ride a white horse in the driveway, or have a wildlife refuge and having a pet bring the rings down the aisle. I would not recommend choosing a turtle for the job, though!
Flowers are a very important part of your wedding and you want to get fresh flowers delivered to the site of your reception. Also, make sure the flowers match the theme of your wedding, and the season you are having your wedding in. This will maximize the overall effect of your wedding.
Your wedding is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Planning, while intense and hectic, you will remember a lot less. Follow the tips in this article to see a reduction in feeling frazzled and more control on the same itself.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The bespoke suit

Buy a bespoke suit, it is however to cut a bespoke suit by a tailor, this is really the pinnacle of dandyism and elitism. Who has not heard of the world famous London Savile Row, the famous haunt of tailors, where the costumes were made by Napoleon III, Winston Churchill, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, the Sultan Brunei, and so other. However, here we only discuss the major essential on bespoke suit and Parisian tailors, because who better than Paris to quibble about the detail lines and demand excellence.Costumes: The tailored suitThe steps to be cut on a costume measurements are essentially the same in different tailors, here in simplified version:
- Obviously, first you must choose your cheap custom suit, you find the one that seems to be the most suitable (price, reputation, location, ...);- Choose the model you want: the type of jacket (straight, curved, ...), the type of pants (with clips without pliers, ...), if you want a vest ... ;- Try a basic jacket, pants, vest;- Make measurements (breasts, waist, belt, pool ...) and morphological characteristics (shoulder height, back bends, arm length ...)- Choose the type of fabric, color fabric, linings, finishes (embroidery, buttons, shape and number of pockets, stitching colors ...).
In terms of cost, it is difficult to do so by an average tailors the price can vary, here are some estimates:
- For half industrial measurement, from 500 euros.- For a semi-traditional half measures, from 800 euros.- For the large semi-traditional measure, from 2000 euros.- For the traditional large extent, from 3500 euros.
Our choice of Parisian tailors:
- David Diagne: Formed by the Parisian fashion house Lanvin, David Diagne made in the manufacture of bespoke suit, for those seeking a prestigious handmade costume.
- Starks & Sons: Located in the prestigious Rue de la Paix, the expertise and reputation of the house is more to do, for 3 generations at Starks & Sons are available costumes tailor demanding men, sumptuous fabrics and perfect cutting measure.
- Artling: Artling offers a semi-traditional, traditional clothing, a large selection of fabrics, expertise provided by trained professionals real master tailors.

High cost, of course, is one thing is assured, that to have the garment of your dreams that will perfectly fit your figure and ensure an undeniably impeccable custom suits style.

Monday, August 5, 2013

How To Choose A Men Suits

Choose the fabric of his bespoke suit is important in the purchase of his costume ... But before focusing on super fine wool, it is important to know the less noble materials:
In fact, it is not material to avoid completely, but they are less noble because synthetics. These petroleum, kinds of plastic, prevent our skin to breathe. In other words, sweating is more difficult to evaporate. In addition, the heat generated in the winter is quite low. If you are sensitive to temperature changes, be careful!
costumes in these materials are quite inexpensive. Raw material of the suit, the fabric greatly influences its price. Recently a sign of consumer selling suits 100% polyester and 30 Euros (retouching included). In most major brands of ready to wear, poly-viscose costume pay between 100 and 250 Euros. Beyond 250 Euros ... consider that it's not worth it: you will find balances suits 100% wool at this price point. It is on this point that the man will awaken your chic mistrust brands like HugoBoss not hesitate to mix their styles on "low price" (624 Euros) synthetics and wool.Examples of the 2009 collection:

"Boss, Model 50166796 The Sweet1/Sharp1 Dark Brown" with 25% polyester and 10% viscose;
"Hugo, Model 50165264 Amaro" with 40% (almost half) of polyester;Not to mention "Hugo Boss black label means Red Model 50162646 Martin" shirt sold 177 Euros when it is 100% poly viscose ... in other words, a pure and simple theft to unsuspecting customers that we are no longer.

: Maintenance is easier than on a suit 100% wool or 100% Linen.
Held approaching

While the specialists say that these materials have a less beautiful place, and they are right. But most people do not absolutely the difference between a high quality suit and a suit purchased poly-viscose in a large chain.ConclusionMany stylish men began with costumes in these matters. And even if man-chic advised to save a little to buy a suit 100% wool, each according to its means and decide priorities, knowingly, matter his costume. One thing is certain ... the man is easily accustomed to good things: Once you've tried it well trimmed with woven quality wool custom made suits, it will be difficult to coat plastics. Let's be smart, let's elegant.


What to look for in a suit

Thursday, August 1, 2013

1 bending suit jacket

A straight-cut bespoke suit is not going to shake your size or give width to your shoulders.
So, if you are slim or athletic, it will not enhance your body, and if you are very thin, you may give the impression of being drowned by your jacket.
By cons, if you are a bit overweight, it will camouflage the better.In addition, it will give you shoulders proportional to its width.To summarize, a straight jacket is recommended if you have a little belly, and is recommended if your shoulders are weak... but a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is the costume Steve Ballmer, a cross-sectional two buttons during the presentation of future competitor of the iPhone:
Dormeuil jacket with a simple bending forward.
The simple bending is done either at the front of the jacket is back.Generally it is the back of the jacket.To verify that a jacket is curved, like a shirt, look at the back of the jacket, if you see two symmetrical seams that leave under the scapula to descend to the kidneys, is that your suit is bent.Attention bends can be more or less marked, and jackets will tighten more or less your size.Double bending 1.3
Recommended if you are slim or athletic build, this bend you will especially value.Attention to the alignment of stripes or plaid
If you want a fitted custom made suits, pay attention to the alignment of reasons, especially if you opt for a plaid jacket as the Prince of gall.Indeed, if there is an alignment gap between the horizontal bars at the seam bending ... I recommend you to buy this jacket. This is a default, and a shop that you sell jackets apparent defects ensuring that "it can not be seen", you certainly sell other hidden defects ....

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Create a good impression with a man's suit

Those who want to look perfect on one occasion or event must wear appropriate attire. It helps them gain a lot of attention from a number of people. A bespoke suit is a good choice to create a better impression. The dress must be chosen so that it makes the person look perfect. The fabric of the dress should be chosen with proper care. Color, size, and editing are some other features that must be supported. Many people try to wear a classic dress because it is always in fashion. You can even purchase other accessories such as watches, shoes, tie so they look better with the dress. Try to wear shoes that are black because it goes with any type of dress.

Wearing a white shirt with some dark cloak will also be a better choice. The collar of the shirt should be perfectly pressed, because it can make or break the impression. Try to get a top quality brand and dress. It can be selected from a good shop. You can also visit an online store. They also have a large collection of cheap custom suits and good range. Choose one according to your body structure and your overall budget. Some stores may have their own website where you can learn about the new trends and styles that are available on the market. Consult a fashion expert before buying a dress.

Desert boots, shoes unusual man

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Desert boots, shoes unusual man

The highlight being a craze for the English fashion, Desert Boots, now has many fans among our citizens. custom suits to understand its evolution back to the origins of this derby, whose comfort has become legendary over the years.The origin of the Desert boots
The "Desert Boots" is originally a shoe created for the British army for the missions in "hot" colonies. A derby amount, flexible and unlined which protects the sand without taking too hot. This is the English shoemaker Crockett & Jones who created the first model.
In the 50s, the shoe came in the civilian world via the polo players. Which they adopted to rest their feet after leaving their riding boots.
The "Desert boots" then began to be called "Chukka", name the periods of play polo. The model has since become a classic of cheap custom suits and was declined by many brands. The Chukka is also a flagship model from Crockett & Jones proposes a version with rubber sole and another latex ideal for drivers of two wheels (while maintaining Goodyear).
Soon after, Mods seized this model, which became in a short time a real fad in England, France and Italy. Moreover, these shoes can be found at the feet of Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Oasis.
The Desert Boots custom made suits every style and every outfit. Form an unconventional but informal refine your outfits with style. It is also wear well with wool trousers or jeans regular, semi-slim slim as Max Raw, for a casual but still trendy look. We can without difficulty opt for a touch of color or choose a more sober gray mushroom color with a beautiful black jeans, coupled with a shirt or polo. Effect guaranteed!

How to dress well in an interview?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Suit without a belt, can it?

To this question I could answer: Of course not! - According to certain traditionalists or why not? - If the wave of fashionistas and modernists on duty. In fact, you may want to abolish but to use the belt with the suit. In this case the best would have to remove his pants so that bystanders do not get face that something is missing in visual. But a lot of people that do not remove the belt and does not use anyways. And it is considered no atrocities, at least not at the moment and among connoisseurs of cause, because it is seen as a modern way to use it.

The slim custom made suits look great without it, for example. Already the traditional or something close to them, maybe actually getting better with belts. Just as suddenly an occasion where the use of a reading traditionalist piece suit, for example. But this will depend on the taste and judgment criteria for each. And also the occasion. So you hit the hammer on this one!

Now, if you prefer to use without a belt, get ready for the looks "accusing" a few, as surely they will paint.

The Vest and Suit

the wave is to go without socks and handkerchief in your pocket!

The Quickie: The length of the sleeves of the blazer



Monday, July 22, 2013

the wave is to go without socks and handkerchief in your pocket!

 Sockless but with hankies

This edition of Look du Jour is more expensive with Trend Watch is ... but anyway ... watching what is going on in Italy (and the Pitti Uomo men's fashion week) in those days, did not yield not to note that outside the walkways, the wave is to use the shoes they want to be mocs (moccasins) or docks (Docksiders / dockshoes) without half. And I think that has nothing to do with this heatwave walking ravaging Europe does. Decision is "stylistic" even, pure and simple.

To use them, the pants have an aesthetic snug without being sticky (by a whisker but yet ...) and of course they are shorter than normal expected, including one giving peeping discreet but evident that it is without the half. Even standing. What the right person (read: someone hold the lock with elegance and without a hint of discomfort in the eyes and break is in good shape - if the pants are skinny within the aesthetic) is rather charming and interesting to view.

A estética in action do uso do look sem meis! Casual hankie Hankies and jackies

Another thing that you can not turn a blind eye, because it is right in our faces ... are the hankies (pocket handkerchiefs). They have figured in 10 of 10 pockets of fashionable men and tuned (or if you prefer, the trendsetters / spotters) by those bands. And not only in custom suits, but even in the pockets of jackets and blazers as well (provided of course that have such strategic pocket to use it). Is charm only. And it is very democratic, because unknown to any body type that can not "Esporta it"!


A Simple Up Blazer Beckham

A Quickie: Calça Amiga


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Simple Up Blazer Beckham


And he was just watching from the front row at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris last week. And simplezinho well with jeans, abotinado brown, green shirt and custom suits (cropped) marine. Everything fit in with the day.

The pants need not be so adjusted in the leg. It could be a straight bar and could be folded up showing a bit of the barrel abotinado.

And Tai for a look and chime baladar casually around. No need to have a parade ahead to use it, do not.

And just to remind you that this partnership goes super blue with green ON.

A Quickie: Calça Amiga

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Quickie: Calça Amiga

 Calça Amiga Gap

The typical pant friend, also known as the one that a man should have is that which falls beyond super well, does not need belts, suspenders or prays hard to stay in place and not fall to the ground in the first step is to rehearse. Face the use of such support charminho and never merely as a necessity because the pants should always stay in place and do not threaten to tip over under any circumstances. If you've been needing a helping hand providential to keep it securely in place, well, of course she is not your friend, nor for you.

Ah, but she is wonderful in the rest of the body at the waist and just samba? Make adjustments in the region, now. Now, depending on the belt stuff is stolen. Drilled and screwed up!

Another thing to consider is to never use it long enough to make the volume bar. She should just hang up the shoe in good and fully cover the middle and a little bit of the shoe. Make the top of the heel of the sole or a little above your limit. Crab fishing? No, by God, no!

And in the case of custom suits ... it is essential that the chosen do a great job for your derrière. It has to stay behind rather wonderful view. For if we do not get what is due to wear jeans then dude? If you need, choose one with pockets on the butt to give a disguised or volumizada on your flat ass. If sufficient by itself, rife pockets and excessive volumes of strategic equation.

Suit or Costume?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Suit or Costume?

Suit by definition means three pieces that originally siginificava jacket, pants and vest. With the disuse of waistcoats for men adopted the denomination Costume (why not Duke?), But we usually call Suit. Wrong or not, the power of the word to suit remained the double jacket and pants to the present day. Sale without Suit Vest or Suit with Vest. Moreover, it is very hard to find custom suits with vest to sell in stores dedicated to men's clothing. Pictured actor Michael Fassbender literally wears a suit.
Terno cinza com coleteIf we consider that vest is not mandatory in costumes social, but it is essential that the tie is formed around the new trio to end so many doubts and controversies. The vest is ideal for cold days and gives more elegance to formal attire. The ancients were made ​​of shiny fabrics, brocades and even embroidery and were adopted in England by 1660. Then become discrete when evolved into the very fabric of jackets creating the concept of Suit. Actually the vests are from Ancient Rome when they were made ​​of iron to protect soldiers in battle.

The word arose from the Costume Costumes for Women and siginifica tailoring and sale of costumes handmade bespoke. Custom order or "custom". However accustomed to call Costume even custom made suits industrialized.

Suits of the Children of Celebrities

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Suits of the Children of Celebrities

Isabeli Fontana, proud Mom, posted a picture on his Twitter account that appears next to Zion children, the relationship with model Álvaro Jacomossi, and Luke's marriage to actor Henri Castelli. In the image, the boys appear elegant suit and tie. The model was at the wedding of his brother Harrison Fontana and took the children to the ceremony on January 14.

Taking the opportunity, remember that the fortunate children of famous often steal the show, especially when children are in evening dress. Here are the photos of other famosinhos that stole the show.

Rameo and Cruz, sons of David Beckham dresses like his father

Above, Prince and Paris, Michael Jackson's children and children below Tom Cruise

Pax, Angelina Jolie with son Maddox

Youngest son of Gwen Stefani and dad Gavin Rossdale
But one need not be the son of famous for attention. Next time you're invited (a) to go to a wedding rent a custom suits for your child and see what happens. Children's Suits for all ages are found only in Maximu's Rigor which is the charming Jardins neighborhood.

Summer suits at NYFW

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer suits at NYFW

New York Fashion Week kicks off for summer 2013 internationally. And the good news for men is that you will no longer need to die of heat with those super suits to keep warm elegance. There was a successful men's line, which brought freshly baked super formal productions for the summer.

The parade of Tommy Hilfiger was an overdose of stripes, combined with models of custom made suits  straight and slim trousers with lightweight fabrics like natural cotton.

The mark of the man stripped but confident, Michael Bastian, brought cuts unpretentious and played, but with perfect fit, complete with slippers leather to finalize the production with suit jacket summer. The finest collection suit, double breasted, also won chilled version using the chambray fabric.

John Bartlett, brought a lot of elegance to the runway, without giving up the ties, which are the same color or patterned shirt. The summer of John Bartlett also promises to be freshly baked, bringing suits with apparently natural fabrics, and matching their jackets with shorts, without losing the elegance.

Carlos Campos already dismissed the use of tie bet in monochromatic looks. The looks have earned air of informality being finalized in Keds, matching the tone of the suit.
The Joseph Abboud also bet on monochromatic looks, but in more neutral tones. Pants appeared again Curtinhas with the bar facing.

A collection of J. Lindeberg brought to toe moccasin without socks, footwear ideal for the type of production that the proposed mark with tights and short. The double-breasted jacket, this time appeared in a production less formal, to be combined with a pair of dark wash jeans, crease marked as a tailoring. The designer Jessy Heuvelink account that was inspired by the forms of nature "diversity, colors, lines and textures." With a mix of casual tailoring.

The Nautica brand brought its footprint classic that gave it its name. If you own a boat or not, you will feel like you have. At the tailoring, the brand did not give the classic colors and invested in modeling more adjusted to the body. Brought the proposal to use the suit with shirt, super modern trend. The blazers are linen and cotton to ensure freshness in summer.
This time there is no excuse not to wear a suit this summer!

We make unique suits for unique people

Monday, July 8, 2013

We make unique suits for unique people

If you wanted to understand the single biggest reason that men’s business attire has remained relatively frozen in time since the 1920s and 1930s, you need look no further than the gradual eclipse of the tailoring house by ready-made fashions.
At one point in time, everyone dressed differently.  Individuality and personality were bywords.
Pockets were shaped and placed to store the exact items that a given individual carried every day.
Pants and custom made suits were styled not by a mystical set of rules, but rather to flatter and to express.
But with mass produced suits, every style suddenly needed to appeal to 100,000 customers. A programmer was supposed to wear the same suit as an executive and the executive was suppose to wear the same suit as the programmer.
We make unique suits for unique people.
Because we can make every style of pocket, every style of waistcoat, can cut pants with an immeasurable number of fits.
Because we don’t have any standard rules or molds.  Because we make suits from any number of novel fabrics, we can offer a virtually infinite amount of choices.

Many of the projects that we take are those that have been turned down by other tailors because  the factories that they contract with are unable to handle anything that deviates more than a hair from the mass model.

Unlike most tailors, we understand the needs of creative professionals.
We will work with you to design a suit from the ground up that expresses what you need to express at the events that you attend.

Daniel Bruce of DiBi Ties

Most are crafted using non-silk fabrics, including cotton, seersucker, velvet, and chambray.  Given this, as well as the slim width (ranging from 2-2.75″), DiBi ties are ideal for that #NewCasual look, perfectly suitable for a date or a night out with the boys.