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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Single Grain Buckle Suit

Fashion single-button tailored suit
It comes to suits, it is usually corporate practitioners, government agencies,practitioners, and a dress in a more formal occasions, men preferred. The suit, strictly speaking, a standard clothing from Western countries. Suit wearing, has its own definite rules.
Suit Giorgio Armani print shirt Etro at Joyce pants Salvatore Ferra game pocket towel Zara hat Replay
Black indigo single grain buckle + print shirt
The stamp design 2011 spring and summer the most beautiful and popular, especially with exotic flowers and printing. The design of this printing, we used to match the blue single-button suit or black dress with strong design details and match the same printing necktie and bow tie. This match will definitely Men Suit
White Black Tie
Either single-breasted or double-breasted suit, with a single-button design, will make the cut more neat, waist designed more personal. Here, we use single grain buckle suit, to build summer evening dress dress for you. Evening dress (Black Tie)after the 6:00 evening dress the way they dress, not all Black Tie black summer dress often white design. Match the white dress, white dress, will definitely make you showing extraordinary charm in the summer.

tailored suit,men suits

tailored suit,men suits

tailored suit,men suits

tailored suit,men suits

tailored suit,men suits

tailored suit,men suits

tailored suit,men suits

Friday, December 28, 2012

Exquisite ,Low-Key And Moving Cufflink

dress shirt

The dress shirt has a history of 500 years of French, derived from its phase students accompanied by Yuan Yuan cufflinks culture. It is also to show its exquisite cufflinks French shirt in addition to the unique cut neckline and Slim, the most unique is two-fold sleeve cuff design.
A beautifully stacked sleeves tend to be able to let you in "sleeves" more perfect. Double cuff lining thicker parts than ordinary shirt long, long part wear to turn the stack over, and then will need to merge the openings parallel close together, with beautifully crafted cufflinks through it fixed. Such fine shape cufflinks with the shirt looming in the suit cuffs implicitly create costumes Li loaded atmosphere.
Another beautiful French fold sleeve also need to fit in order to achieve the effect of a gentleman. But many gentlemen feel well buy the shirt the tall collar right size, but wearing it still does not fit, feel too wide waist or sleeves are too short. That is because, the length sleeves ordinary shirt sold in the market do not meet the requirements of most people, this is a common way of garment enterprises in order to save production costs. The same in accordance with the standards of the European Senior shirt collar at least prepare the shirts of the two models to meet the slim, standard or slightly fat body. At this point, the ordinary shirt is obviously not meet this requirement.
In the pursuit of the perfect gentlemen, this problem how to solve it?we have for you like a good solution: the drawbacks currently on the market, the the Shi family business Eabri French shirt for your perfect solve these troubles. Blackstone family of each shirt size with Slim models and standard models to adapt to a variety of different stature crowd; Not only that, the French shirt of the Shi family, each style also has a unique Sleeve buffet closing short design can shorten 1.2cm, very humane       
In addition, a lot of people should know, a lot of dress shirts cuffs exterior angle side are a 90 degree angle, under certain circumstances, folding easily bending deformation. The Shi family Eabri shirt turned the sleeve exterior angle 45 degrees bevel design, not only to prevent the the outside cuff hem phenomenon, but also to make it more beautiful and docile.
Every man is a brand, emphasis on good detail, in order to render the performance of the overall best results. Shirt kind of range, but two details of the most important as a shirt is the collar and sleeves. Knowledge to explain after the front of the dress, I believe you have a good grasp of the relevant characteristics of the "leaders", and be able to make a good choice, pick out a shirt embodies a man of high grade, to create their own elegance noble and perfect man brand!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Men Do Not To Worry About As A Waiter

Domestic the men the dress system with attendant uniforms confusion understanding, often men in marriage and other dress occasions been mistaken waiter, leading to more and more men are beginning to confusion not wearing the dress to attend a wedding.
In fact, as long as the men, especially the groom properly wear a good wedding suit is not so much embarrassing misunderstanding. Because many essentially different tuxedo waiter uniforms.
wedding suit
 As shown above, see Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, U.S. President Barack Obama, wearing a tuxedo WHITE TIE. Their next two attendants also wear a tuxedo, but pay attention to see the details of the buttons on their clothes: a standard evening dress, tuxedo or Tashi and more buttons are wrapped by the satin; while the metal buckle has always been a variety of uniforms, dress the same truth. Fact, the waiter uniforms to distinguish metal buckle with tuxedo is the most universal, the most formal distinction. The other distinction, dress vest, girdle using a different color and style bow tie with different color and style.
So, men do not have to care about you well-prepared for a dress to attend the wedding he was as a waiter, who really put you as a waiter, that is his own pretend to understand it, we do not have to put their words into the ears. Wedding in respect of every detail of excellence, the dress is a wedding minimum attention!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Joseph Letzelter Baroni Suits

Men suits, bespoke suits
Men suits, bespoke suits
Men suits Letzelter Baroni have a good cut and is a very thin fabric. Joseph most suits Letzelter adapted by Joseph Letzelter Baroni wool Super 150, which has a softer feel than the wool Letzelter Joseph Super 120, too. The traditional production method by Joseph Letzelter costumes are great looking in costume Letzelter Joseph Baroni used and no industrial methods were merged. The story of Joseph Letzelter pants were unfinished and the need for a perfect fit Letzelter Joseph costume look themselves. The result of this process is a simple dress extremely comfortable. Joseph Letzelter high quality costume at a price that is affordable and would be happy to pay reasonable price for this fine suit Joseph Letzelter
The cheap price is offered by Joseph Letzelter matthewaperry.com remains because of the connections and relationships with the garment industry Letzelter Joseph can and must reach Joseph Letzelter the goal of providing our customers the benefit of savings, despite Joseph Letzelter of better quality products.

Monday, December 24, 2012

The creators of the royal uniforms

With World War II, last salvoes disappear in the sky, and British uniforms of the British army on the battlefield we say goodbye to it represents a sacred mission to protect the country and the EU for the Queen of England. But the British do not forget that the British tradition of exquisite custom crafts again given the British military uniforms as a revolution of modern men's template lead the world in men's development. As English-style uniforms worn by the Queen's Royal Guard within the field of world design studies, both from the School of Design, color, aesthetics, technology learned ergonomic are far ahead of the national uniform.
Classic military uniforms Dege & Skinner is the DNA of the brand
The supreme glory most sense of ritual on behalf of the British royal guard, custom dress be granted to the founder in 1865, the British men's brand Dege & Skinner. Dege & Skinner historical database inside, it worked countless British generals and heroes degrees tailored history on the the splendid uniforms in the history of the sum.
Dege & Skinner store display
Classic brand designed for the royal army as a former high-ranking officers ordered the line head, until today the largest and most important orders still come from the demand of the Duke and the royal family in a grand ceremony or national celebrations uniforms. Among them, the most special women only service that the British Queen Elizabeth. Queen beloved Dege & Skinner uniforms and encourage the promotion of culture in British uniforms to the world. Conservative and adhere Dege & Skinner brand of modern society has refused to tolerate lower quality requirements, to give up a lot of mass production and rapid brand development.
Dege & Skinner store display
Dege & Skinner's successor, William Skinner once said: "British military uniforms culture continues to this day for Britain's younger generation has a far-reaching impact they are very natural-dressed uniforms, their faith and national service."
Dege & Skinner store display
Conduit Street, began in the 18th century, it is one of Britain's oldest and most traditional tailors Street, then, nearly 300 tailors gathered there. Although Conduit Street has changed dramatically, but then focus handmade custom tailors some surviving down. Dege & Skinner tailor shop on 13 Conduit Street, lucky enough to develop up to now a firm foothold and has been tradition with the classic custom street SavileRow and in the senior men's handmade symbol of the highest standards in the world.
Royal celebrity wall
Along Dege & Skinner's history, visit the Dege & Skinner Savile Row street flagship store, shop the most eye-catching central place stocked with a once war-torn weathered antique uniforms. It tells each guests come here and work to keep in mind where employees live in tradition and history. Dege & Skinner's descendants, persist in the pursuit of perfection, royal offers customized service level. Now, if you are lucky enough to rafts team can have a long wait may be a test of your respect for the history and tradition of the one belonging to your senior handmade custom uniforms . 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Welcome Collection Of Mens Long Suits

Man Suit  Italy's new collection of mens suits long welcome. Crimson days Mens Suits from many years of success are a direct importer of high quality mens suits along with the joy of the customers. Long Costumes Mens Italy man is rational and to the highest.

To use the online men suits buy long MensItaly.com website is easy and secure. When she made ​​all high-quality designs for all long mens suits. Mens Italy provide capacity couture line mens jackets, casual suits, mens suits, tuxedos, wool suits, Italian mens suits, mens suits dress, mens business suits and all types of costumes, mens, and it is also a sewing dresses or short dresses for all sizes and fashions.

man suit,men suits

man suit,men suits
 man suit,men suits

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hand Custom Suits from Rubinacci

custom suits,men suits

Italian men are happy, Mediterranean climate gave birth to the food, wine and scenery Naples man is more fortunate, because there is the best tailors in the world. As one of the representatives of the Neapolitan style, Rubinacci as many Italian brand, maintaining the tradition of family-owned. Beginning in the 1830s, Rubinacci family custom business, now developed to the second generation, in Naples, its business has expanded to Milan, Rome, London, Tokyo and New York to become Naples men's custom representative of the brand.
Rubinacci is located in Naples's old shop is located in a white building, like many of the old craftsmanship winning traditional front shop layout, shops and garment workshop are closely linked.
 Spacious shop displays all kinds of fine, high quality material of the jacket, smooth lines and pants pattern exquisite silk ties, handmade shoes, shop large to the overall layout, small to every display, pendant revealed a rich Italian style. Without the hustle and bustle of the industrial production machines, production workshop is excellent. The most traditional tool making, cutting, sewing, ironing, several times fitting modification the custom requires patience, the perfect custom suit it takes time, but it is also withstand the test of time.
Retrieve traditional Rubinacci has been sought, as head of Mariano Rubinacci insisted, the brand has been old customers from all over the world to find the original design, and continue to study the museum in the 1930s period clothing pictures of fathers, constantly continuationcarry forward the traditional detail and workmanship, the detail and craftsmanship of these gradually being forgotten is the most valuable.
Suits, especially for Napoli men suits generally seems no obvious distinction, but each retains its own characteristics in detail at. Rubinacci has a family fabric inventory, among the best in Naples scale collection of many high-quality fabrics for customers to choose from, the to custom suit selection of 100% silk lining and 100% handmade horn button. At the same time, the warm service of the customer as a friend but also a major feature of Rubinacci arrogant than the London tailors Naples cordial and casual but also the guests who come to custom inspiring.