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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Auxiliary Fabrics of Suits

men suits

Auxiliary fabric fact, is more complex than the fabric, a wide range of do not say usage is ever-changing. General, we can see is in silk sleeve silk and buttons, generally an assortment of suits, silk is different where silk and body parts of the sleeves, sleeves and multi-sleeve silk white strips, friction, anti-static stress. Button on the top custom suit  multi horn button or fruit buckle and single coat blazer general gold precious metal buckle.
The more complex the part where we can not see, such as the chest lining, shoulder pads. Shoulder pads thickness, size can be divided into many types. Practice of chest lining each different foreign top suit multi horsehair lining and linen fabrics, fabrics without interlining, referred to as "full chest core" or "the wool lining; the general handmade suit chest lining will have to include chest velvet, lined chest, a large body lining, over the shoulder lining multi-layered. Accessories said, the cost is also a huge difference, a suit all the accessories and top accessories spread is more than 15 times. These are not our naked eye can see, but there will be very different somatosensory wearing on the body. So, then again: "see more, ask and comparing, and not afraid to not find the best value for money.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Matthewaperry Fashion designer for Mens

men suits

Matthewaperry Fashion designer - Matthewaperry custom suit is a famous fashion designer who designs clothes for spring and summer season. Fashion designer Matthewaperry are always ready to experiment with new designs, patterns and styles. Some of the famous fashion trends this season are Metallic and Silky Suit, Flannel Trousers, Embroidered trousers, White wins, Tie Tide, Sweaters Sail, Jingling Jackets and Baggy shorts.
Matthewaperry designer designed Metallic suit in navy, brown, gray and black color. But if you see Metallic color is the best color. The unconventional textures like sleek silk and crumpled linen are stuffs to be considered. Matthewaperry recommends casual shirts for summer weekends. Buy his black or deep colored shirts. Famous clothing this winter is Flannel trousers. Just buy a pair of such trousers in gray hue from Matthewaperry. Nothing is parallel to the magic created by it when put on with a dark colored designer sweater. Matthewaperry man suit is famous for embroidered trousers. This is the latest trend. Many men have adopted this trend; these casuals are not embroidered like a-girl-top. The semi-embroidery on the back and front pockets will land you in the middle of attention. This winter, Matthewaperry's designer sweaters, especially knitted ones are going to float around. When not in office, wear them while roaming around. While wearing them, don’t look back as you may see a number of people following you with great admiration.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Principles in Mens Choices of Clothes

Work clothes and casual clothes is separated. For some people. Work clothes is overall man suit. But everyone must be set to a set of high-quality dark suit, in response to formal occasions.
The eyes of the vast majority of them are the same suit. In fact the latest suit and old suit fashion sense there is a big difference. New suit H-shaped, single row of three four buckle and darker colors. Tie, jacket, vest homogeneous color shirt of the same color, lapel smaller and more narrow.
Casual wear is the true sense of the men's. The side of the man's life can be seen from the casual wardrobe, the expression of personality and ideology.
four military regulations
Texture unification such as hemp T-shirt with leather shoes, not unified. Innovation is the whim of over regulation. Knit a sweater, jeans, suede shoes, uniform texture example.
The colors unified sure black and mid-tone multi-purpose, multi-use subtraction. In addition to grasp the men's four colors: blue line (including black tone, cool colors), brown (warm), multicolored color (sportswear multi-purpose), pale colors (spring and summer multi-purpose). Also note that the use of the same color in a costume.
Unified to the bottom edge of the short jacket to the waist, potbellied men to be carefully chosen. Trousers hanging in the hips, waist line under the "general belly" stomach rather than the package.
The clothing will not be unified with close resemblance, in order to insurance. A majority of men's more "whole", pay attention to the details of the changes to breaking and driven.
Mens wardrobe should be simple
"Less is more" principle is applied to the structure is the best. The clothes you want to configure:
Dress: dark men suits and of high quality; leisure suit.
Casual wear: sweater (collar) movement sweatshirt, T-shirts, fashion shirts, outer wear vests, jackets, casual,
Windbreaker, coat, down jacket; jeans, casual trousers, corduroy pants, washed Buku, sweat pants, shorts.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Different Fabrics of Shirts to Choose

dress shirt

How to choose the dress shirt fabric? Here is some  knowledge to share about the shirt fabric!
Comfortable to wear shirts of cotton fabrics, soft, absorb sweat, easily wrinkled, easily deformed, easy to stain or discoloration, a high-quality shirt cotton should be at least.
As a people who really know how to wear, you should know the judge what kind of cotton fabric is really good. The focus of good fabrics that wearing life washing life, visual perception, wearing skin feel characteristics performance indicators count can affect the characteristics of raw materials, and affect the characteristics of raw materials as well as the number of shares, weight, etc. a variety of indicators, single to count as the main parameter to measure the quality of fabric is to confuse practice. Domestic shirt direct many oxford fabric, this perception is closer to fine denim oxford fabrics, low manufacturing costs, coarse fabric texture, is a low-grade shirt fabrics, and upper-class life style and mainstream commercial The concept is not the match.
At the same time, according to the European and American practice, senior cotton fabrics do not use the finishing of iron-free technology. Non-iron finishing is a chemical treatment, tend to change the characteristics of excellent sense of skin-friendly cotton fabric, while leaving harmful chemicals. Individual can really be said to have the effect of iron-free, the fabric has lost its sense of elasticity and skin-friendly cotton touch feel closer to synthetic fabrics
Linen Fabric
Nobility, wearing the shirt fabric is comfortable, soft, absorb sweat, easily wrinkled, easily deformed, easy to stain or discoloration. Although the past few years we have seen many readings the Petty who make every effort to render himself white cotton shirt, but do not give lie to the. Any one know how to wear a shirt and people should know, Ma is the shirt of the best raw materials. Linen natural breathability, moisture absorption and refreshing, making it free to breathe textiles, room temperature, make sense of the human body chamber temperature drops 4-8 ° C, referred to as "natural light".
Of course, Ma also has easy to fold defects, will put tens of minutes after the wrinkles numerous. On this point, many celebrities have left many famous linen shirt.
Blended fabrics
This fabric is cotton and chemical fiber textile made of mixed according to a certain proportion. This fabric is both absorb the respective advantages of cotton and chemical fiber, and as much as possible to avoid their shortcomings. Ordinary shirts are mostly used this fabric, its hard texture wearing than cotton comfort, not easily deformed, easy to fold, is not easy to stain or discoloration, according to the proportion of cotton and characteristics to cotton or pure polyester offset. Blended fabrics widely used in middle and low shirt products, some blended with some functionality, such as relatively high elasticity, also applied to the specialized use of higher shirt.
100% polyester fabric
It is the use of a polymer compound for the raw materials made of fibers textile. Their common advantage is colorful, soft, draping stiff, smooth and comfortable. Their disadvantage is the wear resistance, heat resistance, moisture absorption, permeability less easily deformed by heat, prone to static electricity. It can be used to produce various types of clothing, the overall grade is not high, hardly frivolous. Custom shirts, a hundred percent synthetic fabrics means cheap and low-grade. But some kind of synthetic fabrics has some unique features, such as high elasticity, high breathable waterproof, high-gloss, high abrasion resistance, etc., so pure chemical fiber fabrics used in special-purpose shirt, such as shiny costumes dance clothes, elastic, waterproof outdoor clothing, suits, etc..

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Basics White Collar Should Know

man suit
man shirt

Principles of men workplace dress, simply pleasing, forever the clean men can always get more praise. After all, the pursuit of unconventional is only a minority in the workplace, we have to comply with the eyes of most people, arbitrary in private. Take a look at the following summary of the workplace, men should pay attention to the dressing principle. I hope to help you in the workplace!
man suit to fit
Suit should pay attention to fit, the Length and hips, the standard size of a suit from the neck to the ground 1/2 long; shirt sleeve is slightly longer than the suit; shirt collar above the suit collar; pants length does not reveal socks in order to heel at prevail; waistband before low and then high-type pants pants edge based on the trend of choice, not curling. These are basic with wearing a suit, reflecting the normative dress.
Knowledge of color
Men's dress color should be dark and plain lines. The three colors of white, black, beige is called "wild color". That they and any colors are reasonable, buy shirts if you do not know what color, three color will not go wrong.
Tie with core
a shirt and tie is a science, the tie is always played a leading role, as it is the most eye-catching part of the Men. Generally speaking, you should first focus on a tie and suit jacket with. More meticulous point of view, the color of the shirt should become the basis of the color of the tie (similar colors).
b white shirt in every man who is very good, suitable for various occasions, and will not be out of date, so that every man should be prepared at least a washable white shirt, bold and lively color or pattern tie with all good. The eternal fashion with white or light blue shirt with a monochrome or bright pattern tie. This is a timeless mix.
Important note: Every true luxurious men should have a white or light blue French fold sleeve shirt not only becomes essential shirt dress worn suit worn with a plain black tie formal banquets and other occasions, You can substitute a dress shirt and bow tie.
c shirt and tie with not only reflect their own tastes, and still to some extent also reflects the level of sophistication of your interaction with others. If you choose to own a tie, the taste is not so much confidence, do not attempt unconventional choose too bright colors. This article comes from
Generally speaking, from the colors of the angle should primarily pay attention to the following points:
Gray and black suit and tie to wear predominantly white shirt and light-colored shirt, with gray, blue, green and shirt color coordination
2 gray suit, equipped with gray, green, yellow and brick tie, wearing a white-based light-colored shirt.
3.Dark blue suit, can be equipped with blue, carmine and orange tie, wear white and bright blue shirt.
4 .Blue suit, with dark blue, gray, rouge, yellow and brick color tie to wear pink, butter yellow, silver gray and bright blue shirt.

5.Brown suit, with dark brownish, gray, green and yellow tie, white, gray, silver and bright brown shirt.

6 green suit, can be equipped with yellow, clothing fat, brown and brick color tie to wear bright silver gray, blue, brown and silver gray shirt.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The custom process is specifically about below

custom made suits

First, make an appointment: machine production of a garment may be less than an hour, but tailored it often requires ten days or even a few months, in addition to the pre-close measurements, making the process may also contains several times to try and is so time-consuming and labor-intensive, which is essential prior to customization. Some famous European custom made suits stores even require make an appointment several month in advance.
Second :customization : the tailoring master will give customers the measurement size of more than 24 parts. the customer requirements is a very important process. If the client is too busy to have time to shop, they can come to the place where the customer is located services, even if the race against time wants to be accurate. In addition to understanding the guests walking posture habits.
Advisory: our designers also consulting habits and individual needs of the customer, according to the market's main fashion element to provide customers with personalized advice and dress consultation, full of different needs from the customer's point of view found suitable for the customer and enhance the the Customer image and taste recommendations customized to become the embodiment of the kind of enjoyment and value of customer.
Selection: In order to facilitate the consumption of free DIY their love clothes, MATTHEWAPERRY key parts of suits, shirts, dress split into a variety of shapes, such as the collar there standup collar dress collar, small V-neck, cuffs well-angle three-button cuffs, double cuff, cuffs, pocket bags have one vote, two votes bag. Consumers can be great to meet in dazzling freedom to customize, and create a favorite type installed
Color selection: according to different occasions, different dress needs color selection is ever-changing. Suit colors from traditional black, navy blue color, solemn gray, white to the popular metallic blue, fashion pink, elegant purple about dozens of kinds to choose from. Custom shirt color is more colorful, is no longer a traditional 24-color, but 72 changes. There is always a color will meet customer needs.
, Cropping: making accurate and detailed tailor and customer consulting fully proceed from the needs of customers, specially cut out a version of the type according to the body shape of the guests, one edition. Interesting the customers cutting services in MATTHEWAPERRY not only can get authentic Italian major genre, but also fully consider the characteristics of the Asian people shape cut. The key is to be determined based on customer needs and body feature padded shoulders, chest lining, split head position retractable scale of the level and waist, slit the level.
Produced: add some special accessories (natural wool lining, horse tail hair lining and flax, etc.) in the production of works will be completed by the experienced garment division finishing stage. Stripes or plaid fabric suit, great attention to the bar or grid, cover stripes on the pockets and pocket cover party stripes should be on good plaid on plaid and sleeves of the body to be consistent ... everything In order to do the most fit, the most perfect.
Eight modified: customer delivery. Need to adjust customers first wearing deaf to the studio of designers and tailoring division, the first time to return the modified until the customer satisfaction.
Nine, surrendering: after the guests have MATTHEWAPERRY custom clothing, MATTHEWAPERRY would recommend the guests how men suits, men's shirts, men's dress for maintenance. For example: ironing and cleaning.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clothing Zipper Invention Records

You know clothing zipper is how to do?
According to records: 1890, a man named Judson Americans with the gift went to visit a cousin, the train, he saw an old woman slipped and fell, carry bag is expanded, the stuff inside is scattered over the floor. Judson quickly put down his bag, and go and the old lady, and when he looked back to take the package and found the gift to buy cousin disappeared.
Happened Judson made up my mind: we must design a seam closed tight, easy to open and close the device.
Once Judson to the blacksmith's shop to buy scoop and found scoop hanging neatly clever: a horizontally stick, hanging up or down two lines scoop with a stick spoon handle hole straight through, following the spoon handle downwardly, snap together tightly by the spoon portion and above. That just snap together two rows scoop, became the prototype of the "zipper" Judson envisaged.
After years of efforts, Judson bump tooth malocclusion principle, finally invented the zipper

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Matthewaperry Tailored Suit

men suits

The matthewaperry taailored suit  have a well cut and it is constructed with extremely fine fabric. Most of the matthewaperry taailoredsuits have been tailored with the  Super 150’s wool which has a softer feel than the matthewaperry Super 120’s wool also. The traditional method of developing matthewaperry suits has been used in the great looking matthewaperry taailoredsuit and no industrial methods have been fused. The bottoms of the matthewaperry trousers have been left unfinished so as to cater to the need of a perfect fit matthewaperry suit. The outcome of these procedures is an extremely comfortable wardrobe easy matthewaperry suit of high quality, at a price which is affordable and you would feel happy paying the cheap price for this fine matthewaperry custom suit.

The cheap price offered by matthewaperry.Com is possible because of the connections and the relationships maintained with the matthewaperry clothing industry by us and thus we matthewaperry achieve the goal of providing our customers with the benefit of savings inspite of the matthewaperry best quality products.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How To Choose a Trench Coat

custom coat

"Trench man coat is very practical clothing, its design is fully functional, but it has become a fashionable thing, like jeans, it is suitable for men wear, but also for the President, not the gender impact." As Burberry Prorsum designer Christopher Bailey said, it is not influenced by age.

● brand is a guarantee of quality, picked windbreaker should absolutely trust the big brands. Practicality is the basic functions of the windbreaker, inferior windbreaker neither wind nor rain, how to use it.

● windbreaker is very suitable for men and women, if the right size, not defense to try female coat.

● slightly narrow lapel easier to wear clothing slim sense than large lapel.

● the now unfashionable thick exaggerated shoulder pads friends. When you try, you can lift up the left and right arm, shoulder pressure in lines is smooth.

● classic trench custom coat sleeves best 1-2 cm in length than the clothes inside. If you need to look stylish and sophisticated, slightly lean sleeves important details. After putting the arm is not difficult and can be carried to chest.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tuxedo and The Way To Collocate

man in suit

Brief Introduction

In Europe, USA, Japan and other developed countries, or the international community, as well as China Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, Tuxedo is a formal dress. This shows that the modern man society attaches great importance to the social image of the nightlife and nightlife. In China's mainland, however, whether civil, official or international exchanges, evening formal banquets, parties, concerts, ceremonies and people are used to wearing tuxedo dresses, more singing together in the dance home, host of variety shows, luxury hotel waiter attire, is often mistaken for professional dress. Visible.tuxedo and more dress in China's fashion industry, the society is also a lack of systematic learning, guidance and advisory body image design, therefore, in our country, often with the  dress is very particular about the situation, even vulgar mix, such as the tower soil more than dress with large red bow tie.
Tuxedo are more as a standard evening dress, strict metrical Although they are not a tuxedo, but modern society's formal evening occasions, tuxedo more has basically replaced the tuxedo and the formation of a new pattern of the dress, which is that men will need to learn and master .

Tuxedo dress's structure belongs to the package system, a buckle closure collar, dual damascene lines pocket for its standard models, and the package is almost the same, somewhat the difference  is tuxedo collar, pocket dual damasceneside chapter of the line and pants with the same color of spun silk fabrics. The structure of the same custom suit and directors have adopted the "seam" structure (plus abdomen of six body). Shawl collar style tuxedo form General tuxedo, dress the (Metz dress) and even plainclothes shawl collar are used as a basis.tuxedo and more shawl collar dress on the overall structure and closure collar tuxedo much the same, just the structure of the shawl collar over face design with seamless structure, and through the left and right face even cut the process and special sewing method this tower soil more than dress unique styling language.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mmatthew Aperry Hokey Pokey

 The cheap price offered by matthewaperry.com is possible because of the connections and the relationships maintained with the matthewaperry men suits industry by us and thus we matthewaperry achieve the goal of providing our customers with the benefit of savings inspite of the matthewaperry best quality products.

No one wants to use more than they have to on their marriage. The hoax is how to do that without looking cheap. matthewaperry suits helps to know that some upscale elements of a wedding don't cost as much as you might expect.

matthewaperry Tuxedo The groom, or his groomsmen, might want to consider buying his Joseph Letzelter tux instead of renting. “matthewaperry’s less hassle," says wedding planner Marcy Blum. "You get the color and style you want from matthewaperry Mensitaly. You look more elegant."

That's about what I spent for a matthewaperry tux at a local department store at the dawn of my peer group's wedding era about seven years ago. Through the years it has saved me time at rental shops and countless dollars. Unless you're break dancing at receptions, there's little wear and tear on matthewaperry tuxes, so you can expect it to last through many a “matthewaperry Hokey Pokey."

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Features of Professional Apparels Simple

Simplicity should be the basic style of the office  man suit. Simple first performance of the elements involved in the shape of less, but not be said to be simple, but also a connotation. This requirement is actually low. To this end, the designer should clothing thrown refined, usually structure decorated, changes in practice. Create structural beauty in simple shapes have to be faithful to use the image of the structure, the decoration should focus on the practical effect. Princess line is an example of both closing the waist, to play a structural sense, and that two beautiful arc aesthetic pleasure. So complex liner and lining did not, embroidery and lace are greatly simplified. Tianjin wear various dividing lines and structure lines are combined contour according to the natural shape of the human body becomes relatively straight. The final performance for the simplicity and elegance of pure tones.
Orthodox Basic office suite. Which clothing varieties will have an office suite such orthodox, so meticulous. Because the work environment needs orthodoxy, the image in the white-collar work needs to be orthodox, so easy to get the confidence of others, their own work and have confidence. To this end, the office suite is not the shape of the bells and whistles, but only with the rules, symmetrical structure Tianjin wear mature color habits, such as blue and gray tones, dark coffee hue; new processes, new materials generally not used in the first in this area. Office suite easily be regarded as a classic.
Rigorous profession, this career clothing should be rigorous, which is the same strain also called Biaoliruyi. Strict performance of the office suite: wear a symmetrical structure fit the scale, crisp cloth; formal wear - clothes buttons is not casually simply want to buckle on the buckle, for Solution solution, skirt, long stockings do not want to wear to wear, and would like to take off on off.
Office suite can also be very gorgeous, but relative to the evening dress, this gorgeous and not exaggerated and highly elaborate, and only performance in color and texture, such as pearl gray, wine red color, smooth, soft fabric.
Some pure office custom made suite like Japanese school uniforms. Now the white-collar workers who are young, well-educated, have a good professional and foreign language foundation, but the mind is not very complicated, and very interested in fashion. Such as Kazakhstan Korea , is their favorite, sought after. Businesses to seize this opportunity, so we see a pure office suite, a new generation of white-collar workers saw this costume dress up, they staid while passionate, dynamic and efficient.
Coordination is the overall sense, it is pooled from the shape, color, fabric and other factors selected after a whole. Specific operation is a "commanding", an entry point, up by those it will detail "string", such as using the same color, the same texture or the same contour commanding a costume detail at the contrast also need to take friends in "the same".

custom made suit

custom made suit

custom made suit

custom made suit

custom made suit

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Focus on Fastidious Ladies Suits

Wholesalers and manufacturers of ladies' custom suits supply to the various needs of customers. Manufacturers may also choose to specialize in a fastidious segment completely. They may focus on creation only professional or trade suits. Further, a manufacturer may decide to create only custom made suits. Most of the manufacturers and wholesalers store a wide range of sizes. But over, they may choose to specialize in particular sizes merely. There may be certain wholesalers who deal only in plus sizes or diminutive sizes.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GreatSuits for Men

man suit

 What to Look For & What Is Important in a Quality Suit?

If this will be the first suit in your attire, choose a black or navy fabric – with or without pinstripes as per preference. Your purchased garment should be wool, or perhaps bamboo, some newer suits of quality are using bamboo as a construction material that is quite breathable, rugged, and carries a nice finish.
What to Consider When Gifting a Man Suit?

The first thing to think about is whether or not this gift will be a surprise. Regrettably, you will likely have to resort to bringing the gentleman in question to the store in order to garner proper fit and measurements, although if your man is already rather dapper and stylish you, or he, may already know their sizing.

The dilemma with purchasing a men suits of clothes without knowing exact measurements, or even more likely without having tried the physical garment on beforehand comes with an ill-fit on Christmas morning. Be creative, and be sure to get a fit beforehand – or you may be sorry for the lack of foresight.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three Button Made to Measure Suits

Many people prefer the improved single three-buttons custom suit ,of which the lapel is not very low . This improved made to measure suits both feature our own national characteristics and the rich flavor of the times, no tie, as long as the clothing is properly chosen, both in formal occasions and casual occasions is a very practical clothing.

custom suit

High quality suits and body should fit well, the material is soft and comfortable to wear. The suit should not have any creases. Side slits classic tailoring. If you want be more fashionable, you can choose the style without slits. Anyone can wear three Benussi installed, regardless of stature, age and occupation.The feeling of a different way of putting three Benussi loaded or trendy or traditional and elegant.

custom suit

Fashionable wear law: buckle the top one or two buttons.

Traditional wear law: buckle that button in the middle.

If the made to measure suit collar edge covers the top buttons, buckle the top one or two buttons.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Basics to Maintain the Suits

Recently we had a client come to us  to try a bespoke suit who also weaing a suit,and suit elbow, hip and other locations have been worn shiny, shoulder is sort of tight.he complain that he spent over 20,000 to buy a suit,the result turn out that he felt like being cheated weaing this suit in less than one year.

I asked him that the way how he maintained and wore the suit.he said he often travel led and kepet wearing this suti for two weeks. I told him even 100,000 usd suit under such wear may  be like this result .

Any object has its own laws, whether it is life or no life. The suit is also true, if you treat it in accordance with the laws of its survival, it will also give you more glamorous show, long wear life.

1, replace the suit, remove the items within the pocket, with a special suit hangers hanging.

2, Not wearing suits for a long term,you should need dust cover with a special suit hangers hanging and place it in ventilated and dry closet.

3, any set of suits against continuous wearing  for two days, the wool fiber itself has a certain degree of recovery, fatigue wearing will destroy the fabric of resilience, recommendations the 3-5 suits and trousers rotation, dressed to keep the clothes in the best condition.

4, when the custom suit appearance stained with floating ash or dust be from top to bottom with a soft brush to gently brush the suit stained with other fibers or difficult to remove dust, can be adsorbed with paper tape.

bespoke suit,custom suit

bespoke suit,custom suit

bespoke suit,custom suit

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mens Shirts Select Points to Note

Important social activity: to be elected quality beautifully artistic fabric with a dark suit perfectly embodies the solemn sense. Recommended solid color there Obscure fine jacquard fabrics. Style selectable English dress shirts, French dress shirt, dress shirt.

dress shirt, man shirt

Formal business occasions: Select grade cotton fabric, fabric the election relatively sober colors plain or striped Plaid fresh. Reflects the calm and texture, focusing on cutting highlight the taste.

dress shirt, man shirt

Work and day-to-day activities: wear casual shirts, fabric choice of slightly formal and refined monochrome or refreshing stripes, checkered fabric with a solemn uncertain workplace feeling. The fabric can also consider the need to choose according to personal temperament career personalized fashion colors and casual side point pattern highlights workplace fashion sense of relief. Style selectable English dress shirts, the American casual shirt, collar the show fashion series shirt collar shirt.

dress shirt, man shirt

The home walking Played: and leisure home shirt fabric suitable selection of comfortable cotton fabric, solid color or striped pattern of fabric can select. But if you want to get rid of the feeling of bondage with the usual workplace, striped checkered color pattern can choose partial personalization. Colorful, Plaid larger pattern, casual casual sense of the lot will be strong. Styles selectable American casual man shirt collar fashion show series, stand-up collar collar show.

dress shirt, man shirt