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Monday, May 13, 2013

Touch on a Sharp Suit

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Pocket Squares are a feature of a game of speed and some unfamiliar men. Take, for example, the story of the handkerchief. Did you know that the ancient Greeks used tissues to the year 500 BC? Or that the British and French used the handkerchief for personal hygiene? Or the French word "Couvrechef" (hence the word "cravat" is derived) means "head"? The word refers to pieces of cloth that French watched Chinese pollsters place to protect the head during the long hours in the sun. Uses hygiene tissues can be traced throughout history. wealthy Europeans would go so far as to cover the mouth and nose with scented handkerchiefs to block the stench of losing in public.

These scarves transition into a costume accessory in the 1920s. Men still wore scarves or for your own personal hygiene or his beautiful lady, but started putting the "handkerchiefs" not used in the first suit breast pocket to keep them out of their dirty pockets. Once that has been used, the tissue is then placed out of sight in the man's pocket. This practice began to fade in the second half of the twentieth century, however, with the introduction of "tissues" (with Kleenex). Kleenex tissues may be surprised for a while, but soon returned to its modern incarnation handkerchiefs style. well prepared Some men still wear a scarf for personal hygiene, and most altruistic of these men used more by the protagonist of his life.

Today, pocket squares are worn for mainly aesthetic purposes.  A pocket square can help complement a dapper tuxedo or suit, or it might simply be added to a casual sports coat and provide a hint of color.  Just like with ties, there are pocket squares made of every color and pattern imaginable.  The choice one makes often comes down to personal style.

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