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Thursday, August 1, 2013

1 bending suit jacket

A straight-cut bespoke suit is not going to shake your size or give width to your shoulders.
So, if you are slim or athletic, it will not enhance your body, and if you are very thin, you may give the impression of being drowned by your jacket.
By cons, if you are a bit overweight, it will camouflage the better.In addition, it will give you shoulders proportional to its width.To summarize, a straight jacket is recommended if you have a little belly, and is recommended if your shoulders are weak... but a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is the costume Steve Ballmer, a cross-sectional two buttons during the presentation of future competitor of the iPhone:
Dormeuil jacket with a simple bending forward.
The simple bending is done either at the front of the jacket is back.Generally it is the back of the jacket.To verify that a jacket is curved, like a shirt, look at the back of the jacket, if you see two symmetrical seams that leave under the scapula to descend to the kidneys, is that your suit is bent.Attention bends can be more or less marked, and jackets will tighten more or less your size.Double bending 1.3
Recommended if you are slim or athletic build, this bend you will especially value.Attention to the alignment of stripes or plaid
If you want a fitted custom made suits, pay attention to the alignment of reasons, especially if you opt for a plaid jacket as the Prince of gall.Indeed, if there is an alignment gap between the horizontal bars at the seam bending ... I recommend you to buy this jacket. This is a default, and a shop that you sell jackets apparent defects ensuring that "it can not be seen", you certainly sell other hidden defects ....

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