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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hands in pockets

Studying how to reach into the pocket of the pants. This story has been blown me by a friend. I hastened to repeat at a recent wedding, which has a lot of friends in a deep question: how to put my hand in my pocket? Moreover, although the meeting is that we do not have hands in pockets, your grandmother would tell you! But good.

So little sketch with a jacket two slots:

In A, the English approach. They invented the jacket two slots, it is to use. You have to get off the slots, then insert hands by bringing the sides of the jacket. They fold, the result is clear.

In B, the French method, ie, no method. We seek the input of the pants by lifting the jacket. This is even more evident with the jackets in a slot that we love (well not me!)

And C, in Italian. Wops necessarily our friends are demonstrative. So he pushes the cheap custom suits back, which discovered the pads with beautiful lining. It is eminently conspicuous but it is less clear that the manner of Prince William. Here, the fabric wrinkle the fabric is expressed.

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