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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Large extent, small extent, half-measure garments

Certainly a bespoke suit will keep for a lifetime, and can bequeath to his children. A dinner jacket (tuxedo) in England threadbare evidence of distinction, such as wear indicates that it was probably carried by the father or the grandfather of the current holder. The same goes for shirts, so do not be surprised if you notice a collar or cuffs worn on the shirt (incidentally flattering) a British colleague.
The life of a bespoke suit makes it so much cheaper than a suit said garment (made by a machine), whose life expectancy does not exceed three or four years or a few dry cleanings.
However, beyond these considerations of profitability in the long term, it is certain that a bespoke suit is an important investment. So I can show you alternatives to largely waiting to be ready there.

It is possible to find quality costumes made at the factory for between 150 and 1000 euros. Manufacturers such as Lanvin or Smalto offer a range of ready to wear suits of good quality and durable.
I remember in this respect that the mark should not be a factor of choice in the matter. A Hugo Boss suit and Gucci is no guarantee of quality, and it would be a risky choice to spend more than 000 euros one in a suit making.
Rather choose a suit in which you are comfortable, and do not hesitate to do so by changing your finisher area. Choose the fabric carefully to avoid plastics, and make your preference wool.

Industrial half measure
Suppliers of half-measure suits, unlike the manufacture, use an existing pattern that is modified to match the measurements of the customer. This pattern is then supplied to a factory that makes a costume a few minutes. The finishes can be done by hand or machine.Prices for half-measures range between 700 and 1300 euros.
The quality of your suit will depend on the quality of your measurements taken. Have recourse to a tailor preferably with experience in large measure, it will be able to take into account significant elements only to the naked eye, like your posture and your overall appearance.
Some tailors largely also a half-measure service.
Most people claiming the name "tailor" the industrial practice actually half-measure, which is incidentally quite commendable. Mention may tailors Michael Ohnona and Kees van Beers, which provide good service in Paris half measures.
It is often said in the business, he must prefer a good suit made industrial half-cheap custom suits largely wrong.

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