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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The bespoke suit

Buy a bespoke suit, it is however to cut a bespoke suit by a tailor, this is really the pinnacle of dandyism and elitism. Who has not heard of the world famous London Savile Row, the famous haunt of tailors, where the costumes were made by Napoleon III, Winston Churchill, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, the Sultan Brunei, and so other. However, here we only discuss the major essential on bespoke suit and Parisian tailors, because who better than Paris to quibble about the detail lines and demand excellence.Costumes: The tailored suitThe steps to be cut on a costume measurements are essentially the same in different tailors, here in simplified version:
- Obviously, first you must choose your cheap custom suit, you find the one that seems to be the most suitable (price, reputation, location, ...);- Choose the model you want: the type of jacket (straight, curved, ...), the type of pants (with clips without pliers, ...), if you want a vest ... ;- Try a basic jacket, pants, vest;- Make measurements (breasts, waist, belt, pool ...) and morphological characteristics (shoulder height, back bends, arm length ...)- Choose the type of fabric, color fabric, linings, finishes (embroidery, buttons, shape and number of pockets, stitching colors ...).
In terms of cost, it is difficult to do so by an average tailors the price can vary, here are some estimates:
- For half industrial measurement, from 500 euros.- For a semi-traditional half measures, from 800 euros.- For the large semi-traditional measure, from 2000 euros.- For the traditional large extent, from 3500 euros.
Our choice of Parisian tailors:
- David Diagne: Formed by the Parisian fashion house Lanvin, David Diagne made in the manufacture of bespoke suit, for those seeking a prestigious handmade costume.
- Starks & Sons: Located in the prestigious Rue de la Paix, the expertise and reputation of the house is more to do, for 3 generations at Starks & Sons are available costumes tailor demanding men, sumptuous fabrics and perfect cutting measure.
- Artling: Artling offers a semi-traditional, traditional clothing, a large selection of fabrics, expertise provided by trained professionals real master tailors.

High cost, of course, is one thing is assured, that to have the garment of your dreams that will perfectly fit your figure and ensure an undeniably impeccable custom suits style.

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