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Monday, August 5, 2013

How To Choose A Men Suits

Choose the fabric of his bespoke suit is important in the purchase of his costume ... But before focusing on super fine wool, it is important to know the less noble materials:
In fact, it is not material to avoid completely, but they are less noble because synthetics. These petroleum, kinds of plastic, prevent our skin to breathe. In other words, sweating is more difficult to evaporate. In addition, the heat generated in the winter is quite low. If you are sensitive to temperature changes, be careful!
costumes in these materials are quite inexpensive. Raw material of the suit, the fabric greatly influences its price. Recently a sign of consumer selling suits 100% polyester and 30 Euros (retouching included). In most major brands of ready to wear, poly-viscose costume pay between 100 and 250 Euros. Beyond 250 Euros ... consider that it's not worth it: you will find balances suits 100% wool at this price point. It is on this point that the man will awaken your chic mistrust brands like HugoBoss not hesitate to mix their styles on "low price" (624 Euros) synthetics and wool.Examples of the 2009 collection:

"Boss, Model 50166796 The Sweet1/Sharp1 Dark Brown" with 25% polyester and 10% viscose;
"Hugo, Model 50165264 Amaro" with 40% (almost half) of polyester;Not to mention "Hugo Boss black label means Red Model 50162646 Martin" shirt sold 177 Euros when it is 100% poly viscose ... in other words, a pure and simple theft to unsuspecting customers that we are no longer.

: Maintenance is easier than on a suit 100% wool or 100% Linen.
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While the specialists say that these materials have a less beautiful place, and they are right. But most people do not absolutely the difference between a high quality suit and a suit purchased poly-viscose in a large chain.ConclusionMany stylish men began with costumes in these matters. And even if man-chic advised to save a little to buy a suit 100% wool, each according to its means and decide priorities, knowingly, matter his costume. One thing is certain ... the man is easily accustomed to good things: Once you've tried it well trimmed with woven quality wool custom made suits, it will be difficult to coat plastics. Let's be smart, let's elegant.


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