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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Quickie: Calça Amiga

 Calça Amiga Gap

The typical pant friend, also known as the one that a man should have is that which falls beyond super well, does not need belts, suspenders or prays hard to stay in place and not fall to the ground in the first step is to rehearse. Face the use of such support charminho and never merely as a necessity because the pants should always stay in place and do not threaten to tip over under any circumstances. If you've been needing a helping hand providential to keep it securely in place, well, of course she is not your friend, nor for you.

Ah, but she is wonderful in the rest of the body at the waist and just samba? Make adjustments in the region, now. Now, depending on the belt stuff is stolen. Drilled and screwed up!

Another thing to consider is to never use it long enough to make the volume bar. She should just hang up the shoe in good and fully cover the middle and a little bit of the shoe. Make the top of the heel of the sole or a little above your limit. Crab fishing? No, by God, no!

And in the case of custom suits ... it is essential that the chosen do a great job for your derrière. It has to stay behind rather wonderful view. For if we do not get what is due to wear jeans then dude? If you need, choose one with pockets on the butt to give a disguised or volumizada on your flat ass. If sufficient by itself, rife pockets and excessive volumes of strategic equation.

Suit or Costume?

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