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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Suits of the Children of Celebrities

Isabeli Fontana, proud Mom, posted a picture on his Twitter account that appears next to Zion children, the relationship with model Álvaro Jacomossi, and Luke's marriage to actor Henri Castelli. In the image, the boys appear elegant suit and tie. The model was at the wedding of his brother Harrison Fontana and took the children to the ceremony on January 14.

Taking the opportunity, remember that the fortunate children of famous often steal the show, especially when children are in evening dress. Here are the photos of other famosinhos that stole the show.

Rameo and Cruz, sons of David Beckham dresses like his father

Above, Prince and Paris, Michael Jackson's children and children below Tom Cruise

Pax, Angelina Jolie with son Maddox

Youngest son of Gwen Stefani and dad Gavin Rossdale
But one need not be the son of famous for attention. Next time you're invited (a) to go to a wedding rent a custom suits for your child and see what happens. Children's Suits for all ages are found only in Maximu's Rigor which is the charming Jardins neighborhood.

Summer suits at NYFW

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