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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Desert boots, shoes unusual man

The highlight being a craze for the English fashion, Desert Boots, now has many fans among our citizens. custom suits to understand its evolution back to the origins of this derby, whose comfort has become legendary over the years.The origin of the Desert boots
The "Desert Boots" is originally a shoe created for the British army for the missions in "hot" colonies. A derby amount, flexible and unlined which protects the sand without taking too hot. This is the English shoemaker Crockett & Jones who created the first model.
In the 50s, the shoe came in the civilian world via the polo players. Which they adopted to rest their feet after leaving their riding boots.
The "Desert boots" then began to be called "Chukka", name the periods of play polo. The model has since become a classic of cheap custom suits and was declined by many brands. The Chukka is also a flagship model from Crockett & Jones proposes a version with rubber sole and another latex ideal for drivers of two wheels (while maintaining Goodyear).
Soon after, Mods seized this model, which became in a short time a real fad in England, France and Italy. Moreover, these shoes can be found at the feet of Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Oasis.
The Desert Boots custom made suits every style and every outfit. Form an unconventional but informal refine your outfits with style. It is also wear well with wool trousers or jeans regular, semi-slim slim as Max Raw, for a casual but still trendy look. We can without difficulty opt for a touch of color or choose a more sober gray mushroom color with a beautiful black jeans, coupled with a shirt or polo. Effect guaranteed!

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