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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Overcoat Is An Easy Style

In the colder months, the overcoat is an easy style move that distinguishes the well-dressed from the dressed up. However stately a man's suit, if he walks in off the street with a ski parka covering it, the parka will define the first impression he makes and the suit will look discordant when it comes into the light. On the other hand, when you walk in draped in a knee-length coat with your scarf smartly knotted around your neck, you make a distinguished impression that will stick even if you take it off to reveal a polo shirt and blue jeans. Of all the garments we wear, the overcoat has perhaps changed the least over the past century, so that one of high quality is truly a long-term investment.

Matching Light Gray with Color and Pattern

  The single-breasted overcoat is the most common, and for good reason. On bright fall and winter days, it can be worn without a scarf, or with one just trimming the lapels, to display your shirt and tie. In the freezing wind and snow, double your scarf around your neck and turn the collar up for protection from the elements. Besides the single-breasted standard, overcoats may be double breasted, with or without a belt. The belted model is sometimes called a polo coat. Black, charcoal, and navy blue will each frame any shirt and tie you have on underneath.

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