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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Suit without a belt, can it?

To this question I could answer: Of course not! - According to certain traditionalists or why not? - If the wave of fashionistas and modernists on duty. In fact, you may want to abolish but to use the belt with the suit. In this case the best would have to remove his pants so that bystanders do not get face that something is missing in visual. But a lot of people that do not remove the belt and does not use anyways. And it is considered no atrocities, at least not at the moment and among connoisseurs of cause, because it is seen as a modern way to use it.

The slim custom made suits look great without it, for example. Already the traditional or something close to them, maybe actually getting better with belts. Just as suddenly an occasion where the use of a reading traditionalist piece suit, for example. But this will depend on the taste and judgment criteria for each. And also the occasion. So you hit the hammer on this one!

Now, if you prefer to use without a belt, get ready for the looks "accusing" a few, as surely they will paint.

The Vest and Suit

the wave is to go without socks and handkerchief in your pocket!

The Quickie: The length of the sleeves of the blazer



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