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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shorter Men

Avoid Loud Patterns
Loud and busy patterns create the illusion of a smaller frame.
Wear Vertical Stripes
Much like high heels for a dress shoe, vertical stripes run top to bottom, drawing the eye upward. Plus, they also lengthen your frame by elongating the look of the bespoke suit.
1 Button and 2 Button Jackets
Fewer buttons neutralize the proportions of your frame. Wearing a single or two button jacket will create a more sleek line undisrupted by a 3rd button.
Double Vents
The dual slits (or vents) along the side emphasize the outside lines of the body which create an attractive, longer silhouette that complements and lengthens your frame.
Straight or Tapered Pant with No Cuffs
Straight leg or tapered pants with no cuffs are recommended. A normal cuff adds volume to the lower leg which breaks up the slim line of the pant and provides a shorter appearance.

Matching Light Gray with Color and Pattern

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