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Monday, July 22, 2013

the wave is to go without socks and handkerchief in your pocket!

 Sockless but with hankies

This edition of Look du Jour is more expensive with Trend Watch is ... but anyway ... watching what is going on in Italy (and the Pitti Uomo men's fashion week) in those days, did not yield not to note that outside the walkways, the wave is to use the shoes they want to be mocs (moccasins) or docks (Docksiders / dockshoes) without half. And I think that has nothing to do with this heatwave walking ravaging Europe does. Decision is "stylistic" even, pure and simple.

To use them, the pants have an aesthetic snug without being sticky (by a whisker but yet ...) and of course they are shorter than normal expected, including one giving peeping discreet but evident that it is without the half. Even standing. What the right person (read: someone hold the lock with elegance and without a hint of discomfort in the eyes and break is in good shape - if the pants are skinny within the aesthetic) is rather charming and interesting to view.

A estética in action do uso do look sem meis! Casual hankie Hankies and jackies

Another thing that you can not turn a blind eye, because it is right in our faces ... are the hankies (pocket handkerchiefs). They have figured in 10 of 10 pockets of fashionable men and tuned (or if you prefer, the trendsetters / spotters) by those bands. And not only in custom suits, but even in the pockets of jackets and blazers as well (provided of course that have such strategic pocket to use it). Is charm only. And it is very democratic, because unknown to any body type that can not "Esporta it"!


A Simple Up Blazer Beckham

A Quickie: Calça Amiga


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