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Friday, July 5, 2013

Avoid Loud Patterns

Shorter Men

Avoid Loud Patterns
Loud and busy patterns create the illusion of a smaller frame.
Wear Vertical Stripes
Much like high heels for a dress shoe, vertical stripes run top to bottom, drawing the eye upward. Plus, they also lengthen your frame by elongating the look of the bespoke suit.
1 Button and 2 Button Jackets

The Overcoat Is An Easy Style

In the colder months, the overcoat is an easy style move that distinguishes the well-dressed from the dressed up. However stately a man's suit, if he walks in off the street with a ski parka covering it, the parka will define the first impression he makes and the suit will look discordant when it comes into the light. 

Men's Shoes in Black Tie

Someone who expects to wear black tie regularly will want to invest in the classic formal footwear: patent leather pumps with a black ribbon bow on the front. Modern dressers tend to accuse traditional black tie pumps of looking like either women's shoes or slippers, but this forgets the overall purpose of black tie, which is to provide an outfit unique to the occasion -- in their traditional form, men's formal pumps are only suited to indoors wear. It speaks of luxury and sophistication, and is exclusive to the formal style.

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